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Josh's Coat Rack: THANKS DAN!

What is this?

So I asked my brother Dan to make me a very simple coat rack. If you came here from Dan's blog, you know where this is going. If you aren't already following Dan's woodworking chronicle, you should go check it out.

All I needed was an "L" shaped piece made of plywood, with some coat hooks on it, to go on the end of a bookshelf. (See the very last picture in the gallery, on the third page.) But this is Dan. Dan doesn't do plywood, and he doesn't do crappy. So...three hours later - which is a world record for a Dan project - I had this gorgeous coatrack. While Dan worked, I took pictures. As soon as I got home, I put up this quick gallery to show the story. Unfortunately, I didn't plan ahead and bring my good camera, these are from my iPhone. Next time I will know better.

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