Web Projects

igiugiglodge.com  The challenge here was to create a site entirely in Wordpress, while achieving a completely custom look. This Alaskan fishing lodge is in a spectacular setting, and has lots of great photos to showcase it. To take full advantage of this, the site features a totally custom layout and includes a separate photo header and other background images for every page. On the back end, all pages are client-editable in the Wordpress interface, along with the integrated blog and gallery.

www.bctrainingcenter.com   The site uses full table-less CSS: content is completely separated from display information. There are no rollover images or javascripts. It also features an integrated Wordpress blog in the form of the News Page, which can be updated by the client via a web interface.

Looking Closer   A project for the National Park Service, Gates of the Arctic National Park. This was a very fun challenge and process. The concept of the site was collaboratively evolved over the course of a float trip down the Kobuk River, allowing the landscape and events to influence the outcome. I took almost all of the photographs used in the project during that float trip.

There was an extra technical challenge as well: For several reasons, I wanted to avoid the use of javascript, yet produce pages filled with pop-up windows triggered by mousing over parts of the page. It turns out this can be done using pure html and CSS alone. There are no scripts of any kind in these pages, just hand-coded HTML and CSS.

buserdog.com  The site also uses full table-less CSS: separating content from display information. The horizontal navigation bar consists of 4 different lists positioned around the central graphic, with the orientation and rollover effects directed by the CSS. There are no rollover images or javascripts. It also features an integrated blog in the form of the News column, which can be updated via a customized web interface:

UPDATE: 5/2010 Since Google/Blogger decided to stop supporting blog-via-ftp, the integrated blog is now powered by WordPress.

kipmikproducts.com  This site started as a basic business site, but was recently upgraded to include a catalog of the clients Alaskan gifts and plush toys. The catalog needed to include pictures, item numbers. prices, etc,. but not online sales. Since available catalog applications have the shopping cart function integrated, I decided to use a very customized installation of Coppermine Gallery. This allows batch upload of images, client input of item specifications, and full control of access to the catalog, which can also be managed by the client. Customers with access can also select a collection of "favorites" - items they wish to buy - and share that list with the sales representative for offline purchase.

Alaska Bridges and Roads to Nowhere  This is a site providing information on Alaska transportation projects, including our famous Alaskan "Bridges to Nowhere". Fun features include an integrated cost counting widget and integrated live Google maps.

knikbridgefacts.org  This is a current project. It has characteristics and features very similar to the buserdog.com site described above. The navigation bar here requires only a single list. The integrated blog on the home page can be updated via a web interface, or by sending an email to the blog.

UPDATE: 5/2010 Since Google/Blogger decided to stop supporting blog-via-ftp, I have converted this site completely to WordPress.

www.gasdrillingmatsu.org/  A site created to provide a source of valid information during a campaign to drill for methane in residential areas near my home. Many of the proponents of this scheme have since been indicted and convicted in the Great Alaska Corruption Investigation. The site is no longer being maintained by myself, and I notice some layout issues creeping in.

http://mbvo.wwu.edu/index.shtml  This site was designed to incorporate the strong images of the mountain available from the client's collection and ongoing research. After completion, the site was turned over to the client for ongoing updates and additions.

http://www.patenthammer.com  This "brochure" site was made to the client's specifications, for a patent-infringement defense service, including creation of the logo and all graphics for a desired look and feel.

UPDATE: 2011 To facilitate content updates by the owner, I have converted this site from static HTML to WordPress. I have not bothered to show a before-and-after screenshot - the point being it looks exactly the same! ( Okay, we changed some of the text color.)

http://www.offtheroadhouse.com  This ongoing project began with a complete redesign of an existing site to reflect the personality of the owner and the warmth and hospitality of her bed and breakfast in Tok, Alaska. From a limited collection of photographs, I made creative use of parts and combinations of images to bring personality to the site.

UPDATE: 2011 Added online sales of the owner's glass art, integrating PayPal payment into the site.

http://www.trabitsgroup.com  The client needed a straightforward site to present their business that was: clean, professional-yet-friendly, fast-loading, easy to navigate, and used graphics to provide interest and color.

ZiggyVisions.com  This project while functional, is still awaiting further content from the client. Fun stuff includes live embedded webcams ( see what's happening in downtown Anchorage!) and Paypal sales.

Bankers Service Co.  This site, built in WordPress, is a redesign based on the client's print marketing materials. It features a "blog" and an embedded google map of the business location.