About Josh Klauder and Ravensong Digital

I am a freelance web designer based in Talkeetna, Alaska, who prefers to work with individuals and small organizations to create clean, user-friendly custom web sites. I serve clients in the Matanuska Valley, Anchorage, Talkeetna, and throughout Alaska, as well as having clients nationwide. My sites reflect the personality of the person or organization they represent - I work closely with my clients, and I never use off-the-shelf templates or machine-written code.

I am also called upon for contract projects in desktop publishing, graphics, and digital photography. And I have classroom experience in teaching the above skills, which I particularly enjoy.

Web Design

I have 14 years experience in web site design, much of it as the project manager on a complex web project. My skills include:

  • Full implementation of CSS to separate content from style information for flexibility and ease of maintenance.
  • Hand-coding of HTML and CSS for clean, efficient, human-readable code.
  • Content Management: Integration of CMS, usually Wordpress, into sites (eg embedded blogs, galleries), or creation of the entire site in the CMS, without having the site look like just another CMS template.
  • Creation and optimization of graphics for information, visual appeal, and efficient page loading. (Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, Photography)
  • Matching client/user needs with appropriate design and features, including interactive pages, online forms (registration, membership, feedback), site-wide navigation.
  • Seamless integration of databased information into web pages.


I have been working with digital graphics since 1998, and my skills include:

  • Creating graphical elements for the web and print, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, photographs, scanned images and objects.
  • Optimizing graphics for appearance and file size for web use.
  • Color design for web and print spaces to achieve a tone complementary to the content.

Digital Photography

The "digital darkroom" is even more fun than the chemical one I used to inhabit years ago! Creating images is a lifelong passion I have brought with me into the digital age. My skills include:

  • Creating digital images using cameras. scanners, and image-manipulation software, usually Adobe Photoshop.
  • Re-touching and enhancing existing images, repair of old photographs.
  • Re-purposing images for web, print, display, or instruction.

Desktop Publishing

In the context of my work and personal life I have had the opportunity to create many print projects:

  • Documents with integrated text, graphics, and photographs, using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, and even HTML-for-print.
  • Print projects ranging from business cards to 3 foot x 5 foot professional presentation posters.
  • Re-purposing content back and forth from print to web.


I have a particular enthusiasm for teaching technology skills to beginners of all ages - what I call "Geek-to-English Translation". This has led me to classroom experience instructing students from kindergarten through adults, as well as the creation of instructional materials for classes. Subjects have included:

  • Web page creation, by hand in a text editor.
  • Digital photography for web and print.
  • Basic Filemaker Pro database design.
  • Desktop publishing for reports, brochures, cards, albums, etc.
  • General personal computer skills: email, internet, security.